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Ideally located in the central of city,neighboring the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square and facing to the Chang An Ave, Grand Hotel Beijing. a five star hotel, is a joint venture between Dr. Henry Y.T.Fok (Hong Kong) and Beijing Tourism Group.It offers the perfect facilities and the service that combine the traditional and modern comfort.

Grand Hotel Beijing was awarded the Five Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of the Hospitality Science in 1999, and granted the permanent honor “ZiJin Gold Cup” by Beijing Tourism Administration. Since opening, Helmut Kohl,Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Juan Antonio Samaranch, Jacques Rogge and other celebrities have stayed in Grand Hotel Beijing. In 2008, as an Olympic Family Hotel, the Grand Hotel Beijing wined widespread recognition and acclaim for warmly receiving and accommodating the respected guest of IOC. 

"Once an Imperial Palace, Now a Luxury Hotel." With its classical elegance, Grand Hotel Beijing is pleased to serve the guests from all over the world.