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"YU FU" Dishes Recommandation

Publisher:北京贵宾楼饭店          AddTime:2016-03-28 11:04:57
YU FU dishes,provided by Mask of China Restaurant on the 2nd floor of the hotel,  which is named after hotel's self-created dishes brand--"YU FU". YU FU dishes are originated from the private chef cooking dishes in the old peking officals' home since Qing Dynasty. They are also called Royal Dish, combining the exquisite cooking skills from the north and south of China, and absorbing the mainly characters of Cantonese and Sichuan Cuisine. Nowadays, the YU FU dishes we serve in the restaurant,with further innovation with even melting some western cooking skills. 
Selecting the treasured food materials such as abalone, bird nest, turtle rim, sea-cucumber, heavy duration of cooking, and thick flavor of the dish are the features of the YU FU DISHES. That's the reason why they are often selected into the menu for some national or international offical banquet, which occupied a rather ratio of the banquets hosted in the Grand Hotel Beijing.
Besides these classic dishes, there are also many popular and renovated dishes like KONGPO Chicken and Shrimp, Roasted steak with mustard sauce included in the YU FU dishes menu.

If you wannna have an taste of authentic and extreme Chinese flavor dishes, just come here~