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Comments from Guests

Publisher:北京贵宾楼          AddTime:2016-05-23 12:57:24

A letter from Ms Lin JIn, our guest for US. We'd like to say that it's our duty to help every guest in need, and Mr Hank perfectly implement it.

A Email letter we received from Mr Bob Yalen in May 2016. He shared his wonderful journey and stay experience in Beijing, and gave a lot affrimation and praise on the hotel's products and service. We are to do better to reward our guests' trusts and choose.

Thank Mr Brian D Rhay for the comments from his letter. We are delighted to receiving such feedback from our guests. And We would try to do better.

Recently we received E-mail letter from our guests, Mr Stephen and Mr Krasimir, thank you very much. We are all  looking forward to seeing you again soon.